Congratulations to our owner, Dave, who was awarded with a Belfast Ambassador Medal at Belfast International Homecoming 2018, on Friday 30th November. He was one of 50 outstanding individuals recognised for going the extra mile for Belfast, working to boost peace through economic development.

Dave regularly travels home to Belfast where he is involved in St James Swifts FC, a homeless charity in the city centre and a City Farm, all to help the youth and society in the City.

When asked what the importance of the global Irish and Scots Irish diaspora was, David said “It is key in engaging with the youth in society and the next generation of our diaspora, which is necessary in continuing to build a safer and brighter Belfast. St James Swifts FC contributes to that by providing the youth in Belfast with a safe environment to prosper and to give them somewhere where they can feel part of a community. The homeless charity in Belfast, Compassion Outreach, and The City Farm for underprivileged youth also contribute to this vision.”



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