Prince of Wales, Battersea


St William


DMC have installed the 200 x 200mm custom patterned Johnson tiles, individually numbered for install, like a big paint by numbers.

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Key Facts:

  • The work being installed here, is that of Amalia Pica and brings together the world's of Art and Science, to showcase the local environment on a microscopic level.
  • The digitally-printed porcelain tiled artwork is attached directly to the rail arch walls.
  • The Surface Design Studio, a TTA finalist in 2017, used digital printing technology to create the finished tiles, which are so colourful and detailed, to enable the artist’s vision to be realised.
  • The neglected railway arch has been turned into a colourful and engaging public space, with the artist choosing to highlight and celebrate the beauty within the diverse ecosystem of Battersea Park, and the organisms that inhabit it.
  • Pica and microbiologist Joanne Santini from UCL collected samples of soil and water from the gardens and the ponds of nearby Battersea Park.
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